Taps run dry at Mapale Health Centre


Mapale Health Centre in Mzuzu has been operating without potable water for close to a month now.

The hospital that provides both outpatients and maternity services is facing a water crisis.

“The clinic has been running without water for a month now and clinic administrators are forcing us junior staff to look water around the hospital to use for services here. They tells us to either fetch water or resign,” said one worker.

One of the guardians from Maternity ward Masozi Kaunda said the situation is pathetic.

“I don’t know what is happening. My patient delivered a baby on Sunday morning but up to day (Tuesday) she haven’t even got a bath. When I asked the clinic authority they told us to go and look for water at nearby houses or at the newly constructed hospital site. This is so pathetic and patients are at risk of getting diseases.,” said Kaunda.

The Clinic ICE Officer Kawaye refused to comment on the matter.

“Don’t call me to ask me about this,” he said and hanged up.

According to findings, the clinic is owing the Northern Region Water Board (NRWB) more than K1 million in outstanding water and when it buys prepaid token, the Board takes half of the amount to repay the bill.

The Clinic helps people who live in locations around the city such as Msongwe, Masasa, Mchengautuwa, Chibavi and others.