Pray for Joyce Banda – Prophet Austin Liabunya

Joyce Banda

…Malawians call him a fake prophet as Mia died Covid-19

Self-acclaimed Prophet Austin Liabunya has urged his members to pray for former head of state Joyce Banda against an attack on her health, saying the same person that killed Sidik Mia and his team is also attempting to kill her.

Liabunya released his prophecy in the early hours of Wednesday morning in which he said everything about Mia’s death will be revealed once the current regime is out of power.

“To the saints in Malawi, I have been quickened to urge you to stand in prayer for our mother Joyce Banda against an attack that God has repeatedly showed me four times only within last night. I haven’t slept a wink; I have been in prayer interceding but God has instructed me to bring it out to the saints as a team to pray for our precious soul. I love her, we all love her and if really do so, we will wish her well.”

“Specifically, I have seen a serious attack on her health and a different hijack. The same person that killed Sidik Mia and his team is also attempting on her life. The vision has come in a parable so I’m very sensitive in how I give it out-that’s why I’m also still praying for more clarity and I may come back to deliver it if God permits,” reads part of the prophecy.

He further made a shocking revelation in which he claimed that Mia was killed by a person within the Tonse Alliance and not Coronavirus as announced by government soon after the death of the Malawi Congress Party (MCP) Vice President.

“I know you will ask many questions because I mentioned Honourable Mia being killed by a person. Oh yes! It was a big person within Tonse Alliance that did it not Coronavirus. But you people think it was Covid-19 because you can’t see in the Spirit neither hear the voice of God. But I tell you his death will be vindicated once Tonse is out of the line (very very soon) because it was just for a minute,” he concluded.

Malawians have since called Liabunya a fake prophet Mia died in January after succumbing to Covid-19 when the pandemic came hard on Malawi.