Made See`s Nthawi video: Success or flop?

SMalawi`s music starlet Made See recommenced his music career in flying colours soon after switching to new management a few weeks ago.

The mic wizard has managed to dish out a couple of singles, which have claimed a handsome share of his audience` hearts.

One of his highly rated releases is a song called Nthawi whose video was let out a week ago. Within a week`s space, the video has attracted over a thousand views on YouTube.

The song addresses the theme of poverty among others. Nthawi gives people hope of better days provided they stay firm in faith and work hard. This theme has been properly addressed in the video.

On this, the video paints a vivid picture of poverty; people living hard knock lives like struggling to feed themselves.

It also portrays the struggle people go through to make ends meet; soliciting money in the streets and conducting small scale businesses with the hope of succeeding in future.

On the part of costume and setting, the producers did a good job. The dressing of characters and the location correlate with the theme being addressed.

The main character, Made See, also did a good job on expression of feelings. His acting in the video is in tandem with the lifestyle which the visuals portray.

However, producers should have done better on quality of the video. The video is of less quality thus not fit to fly the national colours on international platforms.

Rating the video on a scale of 10 it gets 6.5.