Chakwera: I shouldn’t have fired Kandodo

...hints at reappointing Kamuzu's grandnephew

Covidgate: Malawi President Lazarus Chakwera says he feels silly in firing Labour Minister Ken Kandodo over abuse of Covid-19 funds.

Chakwera says he agrees with Kandodo that he was misled and regrets firing the then labour minister the crime committed by others.

The Malawi leader made the remarks on Friday during a whistle-stop at Kasungu on his journey to the Northern Region.

“Inu a Kandodo simudalakwe. Kungoti muma ofesimu muli anthu otcherana ndale. Ofuna kukugwetsani. Ine sidadziwe kuti mwabwera (Mr. Kandodo you did nothing wrong. Only that there are people in the public service who have scores to settle with you),” said Chakwera.

Kandodo who is Member of Parliament for Kasungu Central was also present at the rally. Chakwera’s U-turn comes a few weeks after he fired Kandodo over abuse of Covid-19 funds.

An investigative report revealed that Kandodo received about K614,000 in allowances for his trip to South Africa last year. The money was taken from funds allocated for the fight against Covid-19.

After being fired, Kandodo argued that he did not know that the allowances were taken from the Covid-19 funds. He also said that he thought the issue had been dealt with since officials presented auditors with documents showing that the money which was borrowed had been refunded.