Malawians mock Kachaje: photographers also need money, he defends

One of Malawi`s motivational speakers Henry Kachaje has hit back at those criticizing him for embracing modern high definition photo-shoot, which is believed to be against a saving culture he preaches.

It all started with a high definition picture he posted on his Facebook page three days ago. The image raised a myriad question among his followers.

Some people argue that Kachaje who happens to be an economist by profession violated his principles by going for that fashion of photo-shoot, when he could have just used his phone to save money.

“I think paying for such is not ideal, you could start a small business and make it grow and become a billionaire” reads Feli-kiss Pojman commented.

In response, Kachaje has said photographers also need money for their businesses to grow.

“What about photographers? Don’t they need customers too to grow their businesses?” questioned Kachaje

However, his response has not stopped some people from making fun of his motivational quotes. The economist has been a topic of mockery since he started get featured on television to share his business knowledge to others.

Other people hold the view that the business knowledge he shares on public platforms is not applicable.