Malawians suspicious of Green Lake Malawi


Part of Lake Malawi have turned green reportedly after more than 2 weeks of a heavy downpour and heavy winds on Lake Malawi.

The Department of Fisheries says part of the lake that has turned green is toxic and dangerous to both fish and humans. It has advised people not to consume fish from the green lake.

The department says this is not the first time as the incident also occurred in 1993 and 2013.

Meanwhile, Malawians on social media have questioned factors listed by the Department of Fisheries as the cause for Lake Malawi to turn green.

Some people suspect that the law has been poisoned.

“Some foreign mercenaries have poisoned our lake,” said one person.

Other social media users argued that the phenomenon is common on the lake.

Regards Lilca Kaunda said: “That is #NyonguYaNg’wina…it is very common in some parts of Nkhata-Bay especially around Usisya. It is harmless. We could swim through it during our childhood and accidentally drunk the waters but none died”

Binnah Mhango said: “Have grown-up living very close to the lake. This happens almost every year. As long as I can remember I have never seen fish dying or any person getting sick of this stuff.”

Some social media users have, however, urged government to take the issue seriously.

“From a limnological perspective, the development is a huge worry and should trigger government to act with a sense of urgency in curbing further nutrient loading into the lake. When blooms such as these become a permanent fixture on our beautiful lake, we will lose ecosystem services such as water supply, fisheries and recreation. At that moment, it will require huge investments in bioremediation to reverse the precarious situation,” said Elias Munthali