MCP’s militias line up to provide security to Chakwera

Malawi Congress Party (MCP) militias lined up along a road to provide security to President Lazarus Chakwera.

Pictures circulating on social media show MCP youth clad in uniform lining up along the M1 Road waiting for Chakwera to pass through.

MCP youth

Usually, Police officers line up the street which the president is expected to use in order to provide security and ensure that road users are giving way to the presidential convoy.

The use of the MCP youth to provide security comes amid reports that the party trained youth on the use of guns at Mtakataka Police Training College

According to a report released last month, 90 Malawi Congress Party youths were being trained in the use of fire arms, assembling of fire arms, shooting using a fire arm at close and long distance (Range), and basic military tactics.

Malawians have been expressing concern that the MCP Government wants to introduce a paramilitary wing to brutalize citizens. There are also concerns over the millions of taxpayers’ money being wasted for the exercise