Pay to cross: Villagers around Chakazi demand money from travellers


Travellers and motorists passing by Chakazi in Mzimba are demanded to pay money to cross the Mzimba river where construction of Chakazi Bridge has stalled.

According to a post on Mzimba District Malawi page, villagers around Chakazi bridge put bags of sand in the water for cars and travellers to use when crossing the river.

Chakazi Bridge

The post did not mention the exact amount of money the travellers are paying daily and what happens to those who don’t have money to pay.

The spot where vehicles are able to cross is near Chakazi bridge which links Mzimba boma and Euthini and is still under construction.

Visiting the bridge recently, Vice President Saulos Chilima assured Malawians that the government is doing every possible to complete the construction of the bridge as soon as possible.

“The bridge is being constructed in phases with the first part involving erecting pillars for which the Contractor already completed the works and was paid. Now, there is a pending contract award amounting to K600 million. Therefore, once the funding is released, within eight months the bridge will be completed,” said Chilima.