Mzuzu councillors to march against GBV


Ward  councillors in Mzuzu will today march around the city to raise awareness about gender-based violence.

Councillor Pyela Chipofya Chiumia of Mchengautuwa west ward said the group wants to raise awareness about cases of gender-based violence in the city.

“We decided to do something to fight against the GBV in the city and the country as a whole, so on Saturday we have a big walk letting and teaching the masses about the violence that is happening around our society. So, we are in the program to preach the message so that we can end the gender-based violence. Some are saying to minimise the violence but to us we are saying let’s end this behaviour of violence against women and girls.”

Chiumia who will be the guest of honour at the function also added that beating a child and sending them to sell things during school time are forms of violence.

“Some women in families are not reporting violence because they don’t know that it is violence. So, before this walk we called both women and men facilitators to help us to teach them about the GBV. We wanted them women to understand what the violence means from their fellow women and men from fellow men,” said Chiumia.

She further said that the walk will give them chance to tell people about the Covid-19 vaccination and teach them the goodness of being vaccinated.

The program is sponsored by UN Women through NGOGCN and MAGA.

The walk will start from Gesha through Kaviwale market, Soweto and end up at Target Market where there will be some speeches to mark the end of the GBV walk.