Specialist in tax evasion? Faizal Latif investigative over K0.7 billion revenue


Faizal Latif, owner of David Whitehead and Sons who has previously been investigated for an accumulative amount of more than K12 billion evaded tax for the past 5 years, is being investigated for another K0.7 billion tax evasion

The current investigation being conducted by the Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA) is on alleged importation of 246 bales of Java Wax fabric, 5,300 bales of mixed rolls of fabric, different types of tyres and bales of second hand clothes without paying tax.

MRA has since obtained a search warrant for the probe. In supporting statements for the warrant, MRA’s acting Deputy Director of Tax Investigations, Daniel Daka said Mapeto imported a 20 feet container Number CMAUO713109 under customs clearance declaration number BLA C3607 of March 18, 2021 containing finished fabrics. However, the company said the good were raw materials (unbleached grey fabric).

MRA officials went to Mapeto premises to examine the goods on March 19 but were told offloading would be conducted the next day. When they went again next day, the officers found that the goods had already been offloaded.

“The concealed fabrics have an estimated revenue recovery of K689,707,486.00 for the 5,300 bales and K20,393,904.89 for the Java wax in customs duties,” reads the sworn statement.

In 2019, MRA also launched a probe into Latif over a K8 billion tax evasion scam.

He was accused by the tax collection body in 2015 of owing K4 billion in unpaid taxes. While investigations were into various tax evasion cases were underway, computers for MRA’s auditing department were stolen by thugs at the Authority’s headquarters in Blantyre.

Some people have since described the Malawian of Indian origin business mogul as a specialist in tax evasion.

There are also claims that Latif is gets protection from ruling parties and that is why cases of tax evasion against him are yield nothing.