Malawians tell Michael Usi off

Malawians have admonished Minister Tourism, Culture and Wildlife Michael Usi for ordering the relocation of a historic rock from a museum in Blantyre to Machinga.

The meteorite at Museum of Malawi in Blantyre but Usi wants it moved to Machinga where it was originally taken from.

The rock fell from the sky on January 22, 1981 at Mlelemba village in the area of Senior Chief Sitola, about 10 kilometers off the Machinga- Chingale road.

However, Malawians have lambasted the minister for his suggestions, saying the rock is in a good place as it is being preserved at the museum.

“The essence of a national museum is to keep the record of such monumental and historic things. So, what is the justification of returning the stone to Machinga?” asked Howard Mlozi.

Thokozani Mukhuna said: “Machinga is in Malawi and by keeping the rock at the Museum of Malawi there is nothing wrong. The Museum serves as a preservative Home and it’s a Central point where our History is well secured. Next time we will be hearing that the President has gone to Machinga to commission the rock which was being stored at the Museum.”

While Chiwombankhanga Chapita said: “There are a lot of things at the museum, is the minister going to return any item to where it was taken? The best would have been writing more about it so that many Malawians can go there and see for themselves. Even if it’s taken back to Machinga, what measures have been put in place to make it known and woo tourists visit the area?”

The meteorite weighed 93Kg when it fell from outer space in 1981 and went one metre deep into the earth. The rock now weighs 92Kg after a hole was drilled through it by Department of Geology in order to analyse its constituents.