Free Sport Android Apps for People who love cricket

In these times there are a lot of famous kinds of sports and one of the most admired is cricket. There is a significant number of people who like watching cricket matches. Lovers of that particular kind of sport are looking forward to every upcoming tournament and championship. They want to become a part of the action and keep track of all the results. However, there is not always an opportunity to sit in front of the TV and watch a match from the beginning to the end. That is why there are a lot of different Android applications for the admirers of cricket. For example, there are such people who are fond of watching games and not only that but also making bets. Therefore, there is a special app designed parimatch cricket betting lovers so that they can install it on their device and get access to all the services available there. Moreover, the application has a user-friendly design, customer support and the possibility to choose various languages.

Furthermore, there is a great variety of other great apps for cricket admirers which can be downloaded for free on Android devices.

Live Cricket

It is a perfect application for those who do not want to miss any cricket match. Live Cricket can be installed on the smartphone and it will give you an opportunity to watch famous championships online everywhere and every time. All that is needed is the Internet connection. Moreover, the application is absolutely free so that any additional charges are not required. Live Cricket is constantly updated so as to become better for its users.

Oreo TV

It is another great application for those people who love cricket. Oreo TV provides its users with a possibility to watch live streaming of popular cricket matches for free without any subscriptions. The app has a simple design so there will not be any problems in using it.


This is an app that offers access to a great variety of sports matches including cricket. It can be downloaded on Android devices for free. Moreover, ESPN provides not only live streaming of games but also the recent news and results concerning diverse kinds of sports.


This is a free application for Android which offers the recent results of the matches as well as streaming popular events, statistics and recent news. Moreover, 365Scores allows users to personalize the application according to their preferences. They can choose their favorite teams and championships.


This is another excellent application for lovers of cricket. It provides an opportunity to watch live broadcasts of favorite cricket matches and check the information about upcoming games. Moreover, LiceScore gives detailed commentary to every single match and notifications about the results.


This is a free application for Android which offers the latest score of cricket matches as well as statistics and information concerning the upcoming games. Moreover, SofaScore provides its users with a possibility to vote for the winning team of the match and also shows how others vote.

CBS Sports

It is an application available for users of Android devices. CBS Sports offers the latest scores, real-time statistics, updated news and live broadcasting of popular games. In addition, it is possible for users to create watchlists in the application and get notification about the games which are going to take place.


This is a great application for watching live streaming of cricket matches. Users of the app have access to online group chats, the latest updates and results about the last games.

To conclude, these above-mentioned free Android applications which will be useful for those people who are fond of cricket.


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