Divisions to hit Malawi Government leadership – says Prophet Samuel


Prophet Samuel of Prophet FT Samuel Ministries has prophesied that Malawi Government leaders will be divided and the divisions will affect the country’s economy.

In a prophecy released on Thursday, Prophet Samuel says the divisions within government will get out of hand to the extent of leading leaders into hunting each other from door to door.

“The division will grow, it will affect the economy. It will lead to hunting each other from door to door. The division within government is getting out of hand. One leader will decide to talk and when he talks, the opposition will join. When it joins, the battle will begin from there. Let me stop there. So, we should pray for our nation Malawi and put it in the hands of God,” reads part of the Prophecy.

He further went ahead to warn the World that there will be a big bomb which will not only affect Asian countries but also Europe.

“Let us pray for a bomb. This is a very huge bomb. It will affect not just one building but it will affect dozens of people. It is a very huge bomb. I can see people planting a bomb that will affect dozens, not just one building but a lot of people will be affected. We need to pray for the whole world; it will affect Asian countries-Pakistan, but they are targeting some Europeans who are in that hopelessness,” he added.

He also requested for special prayers for the South African President and the nation at large, saying the president will be under pressure that will even affect his health.

“We must pray for the President of South Africa and the nation at large.

“He will be under pressure for some months and it will affect his health. The pressure will come from evil people for the decisions he is making for South Africa. You know, the good for us Africans is regarded as evil to them. Once someone is rising for the good of their nation in Africa, they will entice the community to give pressure to the nation.

“So, there will be a pressure to the nation which will lead evil people to come into the streets and go back to kill other Africans, but all this is to damage the image of South Africa,” he explained.

Samuel has since asked believers to pray against a violent protest which he said will have a negative impact on Germany, UK and the US.