Midwives complain over poor working conditions


Association of Malawian Midwives (AMAMI) has expressed concern over poor working conditions such as low salaries and lack of promotions and scholarships.

AMAMI President Keith Lipato said this on Thursday during Advocacy Agenda Interview Development Session that was conducted with funding from White Ribbon Alliance.

Lipato pointed out career progression, accommodation, issues of transport as well as lack of scholarships, recognition and promotion as among the challenges they are encountering on their journey as midwives.

He said Malawian midwives remain motivated and geared to offer and provide quality midwifery but their needs as human beings are not addressed

He then asked government and other employers as well general public to be supportive to make sure that midwives in the country are working in very conducive environment.

“In terms of transport and accommodation, we want government to provide us with buses to transport our midwives to their respective homes.

“Apart from that, we want government   to increase our salaries, midwives are committed to work in any circumstances but our needs are also very important because they motivate us to work at all times,” he said.

He went on to say that government should consider constructing houses for midwives more especially around their duty station.

On the issue of rude behavior by midwives in the course of work, Lipato made it clear that they do not condone such behavior and urged people to report such issues to the association considering that it is unprofessional.