DPP demands nullification of 2020 elections

The Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) has demanded the nullification of the 2020 presidential elections saying the polls were managed by an Electoral Commission that was not duly constituted according to the law.

The party has said this in a statement today posted on its Facebook page.

According to the DPP, it will move the courts following President Lazarus Chakwera’s decision to fire two commissioners of the Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC).

The DPP argues that the Malawi Electoral Commission – which is constitutionally mandated to organize, arrange and conduct elections in the country – has to be properly and legally constituted to conduct its work in compliance with the law.

According to the party, since the rescission of the appointment of the two commissioners is effective from the date of their appointment on 7 June, 2020, Malawi has not had a duly constituted commission as required by Section 75 of the Constitution.

“Therefore rescinding the said appointment immediately invalidates any and all decisions made by the Electoral Commission as from 7th June, 2020,” reads part of the statement.

It adds that the party will move the courts to demand nullification of the 23 June, 2020 presidential elections in which Chakwera was elected president. The party also wants results of by-election held since then to be nullified.

According to the party, the status the president should revert to the period before June 23 when DPP’s Peter Mutharika was president of Malawi.

“Democratic Progressive Party calls upon President Lazarus Chakwera to leave the Office of the President immediately. He has ceased to be a legitimately elected President of Malawi because the election that elected him into office was presided over by an unconstitutional body,” the party claims.

Chakwera fired Commissioners Linda Kunje and Jean Mathanga earlier this week on the basis that the two were adjudged incompetent by the Malawi Supreme Court of Appeal on 8th May 2020.


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