Why Internet Speed Matters for Online Casinos


Fast Internet Online Casinos

The 21st century’s greatest revolution is undeniably the internet. When this virtual world was invented in 1994, it was mostly reserved as a tool for the wealthy. However, within the past two decades, it has been redesigned to serve even the commonest of global citizens. Today, it’s an essential part of almost every industry, with some having an absolute dependency on it, including online casinos. In some cases, fast upload and download speeds are the backbone of many industries’ functioning.

Over time, the internet has become a great deal faster than it was when it first started. In the beginning, the fastest internet form was 56k, which was considered breakneck speed at the time. However, in the modern-day, such rates would be regarded as so slow to function. The slowest internet speed offered today is capable of more than ten times the upload and download speeds.

Casinos’ Internet Dependency

Casinos have been around for centuries and mostly existed as brick-and-motor establishments. When the internet came about, the gambling industry was among the first to hop on and exploit the bandwagon. Now, online gambling destinations account for most of the industry’s revenue generation, with more than three billion people gambling on the internet at some point in their lives. Online casinos afford players the luxury of the gambling experience coming to them rather than seeking it out.

With the precedence of online casinos, internet speeds have become more of a requirement than a luxury. Gambling destinations rely on speedy internet to offer efficient services. Modern slot machines, table games, and live sets use blistering ping times that allow punters to experience and share games. Even the simplest games in modern times would be impossible with a 56k modem. The running of games so fast is a miracle of modern technology that has become such a standard part of life most people have grown to take for granted. The internet supports numerous functions for casinos, including;

  • No download games

Gone is the age when players had to install applications on their phones and desktop computers to run casino games. With most people preferring to save space on their gadgets, game and casino apps have become less common. Instant-play games run directly on web browsers such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari, and Microsoft Edge. The games are fitted with HTML5 technology, which also eliminates the need to install a flash player.

While no download games save punters the trouble of sacrificing their device space, they demand steady internet speed to run. Among the most impressive things about online casinos is that they require relatively low upload and download speeds that rival even those requested by social media. Games like slots and video poker are designed for access to as many people as possible. Therefore, the sets are designed to load even at low speeds since thy operate around the net speed instead of relying on it.

Nonetheless, a steady internet connection is necessary for fluid gameplay. Keep in mind that a slow internet connection is not the same as an unstable connection. Most games put up a disclaimer that any malfunction voids any collected payouts. Therefore, if the net experiences lag that interrupts gameplay, all accumulated winnings are scrapped.

  • Live dealer sets

Live gambling has successfully bridged the gap between online and land-based casinos. They offer the authenticity of real-life gambling but at the comfort of the gambler’s location. Since these games run live sessions alongside other gameplay programs, they demand more significant internet bandwidths than the ordinary slot machine. Most live games are conducted by human dealers that react to players’ requests for gameplay to proceed. Having a slow connection means that you will hold up the playing session and cause it to move slower than it should. Alternatively, it can end in the croupier playing the wrong hand or chips due to miscommunication.

Before starting a live gambling session, assess your internet plan to ensure that it fulfils the requirements to run the game. Most casinos include acceptable upload and download speeds, often between 1-2Mbps for the former and 4-6Mbps for the latter. This should not be an issue in the current age where Gigabit fiber connections are commonplace worldwide.

Also, connect to local servers closest to your geographical location to play live sets since they usually have the lowest latency. Games in the online casino lobby can run with a ping as high as 150ms, but they are not advisable for live games that require fast reactions.

  • Money transactions

Internet speed is also crucial for online casinos to prioritize cash transfer by players to and from their accounts. The financial sector is among the many industries that have evolved to function both online and offline. Since online casinos do not have physical services, they rely entirely on online transactions to offer real money services to players. Steady internet speeds allow players to run payment gateways securely and also store cash in the gambling den. The web is also used to confirm with the issuing bank that such transactions are being conducted. This information can be backtracked to indicate the parties through which the money flows and how charges apply.

  • SSL security

Internet is also a crucial part of online casino security, which often runs using SSL encryption. These certificates are usually passports that authenticate the web communication between casino servers and the player’s browser or server. Secure Socket Layer protocols allow casino services access when the browser accepts and decrypts a cryptographic key. The completion of the SSL/TLS interaction depends on the internet to exchange the encrypted keys and allow webservers the identify themselves. Usually, casinos with SSL encryption have a padlock sign at the top of the page. This image indicates that sensitive data like credit card information and login details are kept away from prying hands.

Final Comments

The current age of omnipresent internet solutions makes it a tool often taken for granted. Before firing up a gameplay session, it is essential to confirm that you have the adequate internet speed to avoid interrupted sessions, or worse, lost payouts.