Namadingo slams Malawian hip hop


Trending singer and songwriter Patience Namadingo has said Malawian hip hop is still in its infancy stage.

A video that has gone viral on social media, shows Namadingo telling Zambians that their hip hop is advanced as compared to that of Malawi.

“In Malawi, hip hop is not really a big deal, it’s still in its infant days, but here (in Zambia) hip hop I think it has reached that puberty, it’s just beautiful what you guys have achieved here,” he said.

Commenting on the matter, musician Wikise has concurred with the Mapulani star. He argues that Zambia`s music industry is bigger than Malawi`s.

However, he has acknowledged that Malawi has better hip hop artists than the neighbouring country.

“Namadingo sakunama (I agree with Namadingo), even our music industry is not bigger than Zambian music industry. But we have good rappers than Zambia, this is a fact,” Said Wikise

Some followers of Namadingo believe the singer has kind words for Zambian hip hop just to market himself in that country.

“When you want an extra marital affair, you end up tarnishing your wife`s image. That’s how it works,” Commented Kabatchi Mw