Buy Malawi Strategy needs legal enforcement – Economic expert


A renowned economic expert says Buy Malawi Strategy which aims at stimulating local production by encouraging Malawians to embrace locally made products, goods as well as services, needs a specific legal framework for its actualisation.

Speaking during an interview, the Polytechnic based economic lecture , Dr Betchani Tcheleni, said just like there are other legal frameworks fostering good behaviors such as those prohibiting vices like defilement, rape, there should also be a legal framework fostering the buying of locally made products which he said is also good behaviour.

Tcheleni added that despite the launch ‘Buy Malawi Strategy in 2016 , most Malawians’ mindset in favouring foreign products has not changed hence there is need for government to consider coming up with a legal enforcement mechanism.

“Buying locally made products is a good behavior which most Malawians should have embraced by now. It is good behavior for the country. It can grow the country’s economy. It entails creating jobs for many Malawians.

“This in turn result in reducing idle mind, crime, home abuse and many other vices prevailing in our households today. Overall it means development for the country.

“This is why I am of the view that there is need for a specific legalframe work to compel Malawians to buy from within. But if we rely on a campaign that people’s mindset is going to change over time, then that will take time and perhaps may never happen,” said Tcheleni.

Meanwhile some owners of indigenous businesses in the country have complained that the flooding of foreign products on the local market is still retarding growth of local firms.

Speaking during a separate interview, Daniel Chindamba who is one of the executives at MEATCO halaal butchery, said the company continues to face competition from foreign products despite the Buy Malawi Campaign.

He therefore urged Malawians to support the local firm which specialises in offering meat products such as cut beef, sausages and chicken.

He said his company aspires to be the country’s leading supplier of quality meat products at affordable prices with a number of chain stores across the country, a dream which he said can only manifest with full support from Malawians.

Stewart Adams who was interviewed at one of MEATCO’s shoping mall in Blantyre said MEATCO has become more less like a meeting point for families where they can have lunch and also have a wonderful shopping experience .

MEATCO Halaal butchery is a subsidiary of Africa cattle ranch and was established in 2009 and is currently operating two shops in Blantyre’s main city and the Ginery Corner’s area.