Atoht Manje drops “Ndalama”

By Michael Chiotcha

Lilongwe based artist Atoht Manje, real name Elias Missi, has released his first single this year.

The Tizipepeseko hitmaker has dropped, Ndalama, a local flavor song mixed with traditional beat of Manganje and Mganda.

Audio for the song was recorded and produced at Moshu records in Lilongwe, and the visual been shot by Twice P.

In the song, Atoht, laments the fact that money has been a scarce resource and once found, doesn’t last long regardless the pain faced in the process in making the money.

He then pleads to God to ease the pain faced in making money. The Huwa star, also asks God to teach people how to save Money, for future purposes.

The track is extremely catchy and the lyrics flow smoothly. It’s a song many people will relate during this time.

In an interview, Atoht Manje said the pandemic has greatly inspired him to do the song.

The Che-Patuma hit maker added that as an artist he had planned a lot but due to Covid-19 all plans are disturbed.

“I had planned to release an album, the pandemic has left me speechless, thinking on how to launch the album with Covid restrictions,” said Atoht Manje.

He said, currently he is focusing on singles waiting for good time to focus on his album. Many fans who have already listened to the song and watched the video, and shared their views.

One of the fans, Rodney Makwate commented that the song is massive and the instruments are well mixed.

“The song has come at a right time, we can listen and relate to our current financial crisis,” said Makwate.