Football fans demand Msungama to resign

Football fans have demanded Minister of Sports Ulemu Msungama to resign saying he has failed to fight for sports and the rights of fans.

The fans from Karonga and Mzuzu after being barred from watching Super League matches over the weekend.

Angry supporters were singing and chanting saying Msungama failed miserably to control the ministry.

“We are much disappointed with the current minister he is doing nothing and he is even failing to control his ministry, look how come to bar out supporters from watching football while multitude of people are gathering for political rallies.

“Today here in Karonga one of the Tonse Alliance parties, UTM, gathered more than thousand supporters and many with no protective masks but why not in football? We are asking him to resign before cabinet reshuffle to pave way to the president to replace him with those that can fight rights of the sports people,” said Mwagomba.

Enelesi Mwanjiwa of Mponela said the minister is just watching the sport dying.

“I don’t believe that we have minister of Sports in Malawi, he is very much selfish he is receiving our own taxes but doing nothing on the ground. Let Mike Bango take the position and I am asking the president to consider this position with capable people who can perform better,” she said.

On Saturday in Mzuzu, angry supporters forced themselves into the Ekwendeni Hammers and Mighty Wanderers game after overpowering security at the venue.

Government through the Presidential task force on Covid-19 banned supporters at football matches.


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