Malawians mock Chakwera over indecisiveness: “Kwantere wa ku Baghdad”

Lazarus Chakwera Malawi President

Malawians are mocking President Lazarus Chakwera over his postponed cabinet reshuffle.

The electorate is saying Chakwera is proving to be indecisive in his leadership and is taking the country on a bumpy ride to Baghdad instead of the promised Canaan.

Chakwera on March 29 promised to announce a cabinet reshuffle within 48 hours but yesterday State House announced that the reshuffle would take more days.

The Malawi leader has asked for patience from citizens but Malawians are mocking him, saying he is all talk and no action.

“Very indecisive and inconsistent decision making,” commented Innoncent Munthali on a Malawi24 post.

While social commentator Idris Ali Nassah said: “Were it Peter Mutharika, we would have slaughtered him and characterized his leadership as clueless, and him as a fumbling old man with no clue of what he is doing, or supposed to do.

“But these are our favourites, so we will quickly give them the benefit of doubt and believe that they are, indeed, fully seized of the matter of reviewing a cabinet that they—on their own, in their own words— promised would be reconstituted in December, 2020.

“We are at the end of March, 2021.”

There have been concerns over Chakwera’s appointments since the current cabinet was announced in July last year.

Chakwera failed to appoint women in his cabinet and later in public boards despite making a commitment to gender equality.

It had also been noted that even the men he appointed that include pensioners and other retirees are without the required steam to inspire the transformation that Malawi needs


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  1. The president seem to be indecesive! How could he say the veep delayed in giving him the cabinet assesment report,while the constitution vest power in the president to appoint the cabinet. This at the end will stir hatred towards the vice president,as those dropped will assume it’s because of chilima’s recommendation to the president .

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