Boyfriend forced to drink morning after pill


…Fool’s Day prank?

A ‘cheating’ boyfriend has been forced to drink morning after emergency pill that women take after sex after telling his girlfriend that he thought it was a painkiller.

According to Twitter user @265Coco, her friend’s boyfriend had the morning after pills in his car and the girlfriend busted him.

The boyfriend, to get out of trouble, lied that he thought they were painkillers. However, the man ended up getting himself into a deeper pit.

“So my friend found this in her boyfriend’s car, after asking him wayankha kuti he thought ndi painkiller pogula so She made him drink it” she tweeted.

Some commenters on the tweet praised the woman saying she has taught the man a lesson.

“He is obviously cheating and having unprotected s3x with the other girl. Koma so wamu chita bwino making him drink it,” said @Nanjazi·

Other commenters have been speculating on what will happen to the man after taking the pill.

“He won’t produce sperms maybe,” tweeted @Reborn265.

@Angoni_Black came up with what could be described as the best possible escape plan.

“He could said he bought it in advance… For Easter Weekend” tweeted Angoni_Black.

But there were some who wanted to know what the morning after is while others advised the mysterious lady to leave the man.

One person, @Wanya_Wanya, called out the tweet as an April Fool’s day prank with a “Today, on things that did not happen” tweet.

Today, on things that did not happen.

— Kiana’s Uncle 😍 (@Wanya_Wanya) April 1, 2021