Umodzi wa a Malawi registered in Germany


The first Malawian Diaspora Association in the history of Malawi-Germany relations has been registered in Germany.

The Association known as Umodzi wa a Malawi in Germany (UMG) was registered on Friday, March 26 and earned the status of an a Verein (e. V.) which is the legal status for a registered voluntary association in Germany.

The Association’s founding chairperson Alexander Kambili Jr said the official registration was the culmination of a long process of setting up the Association which began in July 2019 when a group of Malawians domiciled in Germany met at the Malawian embassy in Berlin and strategized on the need to have a formally registered diaspora association.

Vice chairperson Racheal Hoepfner-Gausi

“We are very excited that we have finally fulfilled all the conditions that are required for a group to set up a voluntary non-profit Association in Germany. It has been a long and learning process for us and we are pleased that we are finally registered. The registration makes it easier for us to implement our programmes and network with other like-minded associations,” Kambili said.

Membership of the Association is open to persons of Malawian origin and are citizens of Malawi or have at least one ancestor (by birth or adoption) of Malawian origin, or with a spouse with Malawian roots, or have a combination of the above criteria and live and/or work in Germany.

Founding committee of the association comprises Kambili who is Chairperson, Racheal Hoepfner-Gausi (Vice Chairperson), Atupele Theresa Dimba (General Secretary), Malumbo Chipofya (Treasurer) as well as Lusibilo Mwakaswaya Wiegert and Manasseh Chisiza who are committee members.