Thyolo DC hails company for commitment to support development projects


Acting district commissioner for Thyolo Arnold Jumbe has applauded Mount Meru Filling Station for its readiness to support Thyolo District Council’s development projects while operating its filling station in the district.

Jumbe showed his gratitude on Saturday, 27 March 2021 during the official opening of Mount Meru filling station at Thyolo Boma.

During the launch, the company promised to be feeding some children in the schools and said the part of money that will be generated from filling station will be used for social services.

Jumbe in his remarks welcomed the move.

Officials during opening ceremony of the filling station

He said: “Our immediate impression is that now we are progressing because before Mount Meru came in the district, we did not have that much needed social corporate responsibility part of it as some of the business players were just thinking about themselves.

“So we are very excited that now we are moving towards a good direction where now people have started realizing that without social corporate responsibility you cannot do business,” said Jumbe.

Jumbe further said that as a district they are also ready to support Mount Meru in terms of buying their product as well as in terms of security.

“One of the important issues in business is about security, and they have said that they are a 24 hour service company. They have asked us to help them in security so that they can be able to operate 24 hours,” said Jumbe.

In an interview, Mount Meru Chief Executive Officer VenkaTesh was happy to be welcomed in the district to operate their business and has promised to adhere to the terms and conditions of the district.

In his remarks, Senior Chief Nchilamwera appreciated the coming in of Mount Meru saying that it will add development in his area.

During the official opening, nine ambulances were filled with 20 litres each of fuel for free and the DC’s vehicle was filled with 40 litres of fuel for free as well.