Likiliki blows up Malawi: Could be first Grammy submission after years

Likiliki, a song by Lilongwe based Chiyanjano women choir, has become the hottest cake on the market, thanks to the ingredients that were involved in it’s baking process.

Likiliki has proved to be an unusual dish, much to the delight of local consumers.  To be more precise, it involves a hip hop part whose main character is a woman.

“Mbuye ali likiliki kuyang’ana dzina lanu mayi bambo, zizakhala zamanyazi kupezeka akulu ampingo dzina lanu palibepo (God is busy looking for your name in the book of life, it will be sad to see some church elders not making the cut)

Meanwhile, the social media is flooded with posts regarding the song. Others have gone as far labelling the rapping woman ‘Malawi’s best hip hop artist.’

As if that is not enough, some Malawians have said Kalikiliki has overshadowed Patience Namadingo’s Zulu song, which is his first project in his effort to make himself known in the SADC region.

“Dear Dr Namadingo, your song is great but am sorry to say that we cannot handle two hit songs at the same time. Our focus is on Likiliki,” Commented Dumisani Gondwe

There you have it folks, the capital city women are on the driving seat. If you are a musician, releasing a song at the moment is at your own peril.