‘Fredokiss turns 18’

Award winning rapper Penjani ‘Fredokiss’ Kalua has today the 28th of March, joined the adulthood league having turned 18.

Writing on his Facebook page, the rapper has revealed his age.

He wrote, “Panopa ma nurse anali Kalikiliki chintchana chitabadwa (at this time some years ago, nurses were running up and down when I was born) 18 years is not a joke.”

The rapper got into the limelight about 16 years ago. This means that he has spent a great deal of his life producing music.

The Blantyre based artist has worked with a number of big names since the onset of his music career. Some of the well known artists he has worked with are Lulu, JB, the Daredevils, Gwamba, and Kell Kay.

Looking at his achievements in the industry, it is safe to argue that he is the ‘youngest ever’ Malawian artist to leave a mark on the scene.