Organisation commends Chakwera for donating K450,000 to waste bin campaign

Save the Future Foundation has commended President Lazarus Chakwera for his MK450,000 donation towards the waste bin campaign which seeks to raise funds to be used for purchasing 50 waste bins.

The bins will be donated to Lilongwe City Council, Dowa and Ntchisi districts.

Speaking with Malawi24, the organisation’s executive director Maloto Chimkombero said Chakwera has set an example to other people to get involved in the initiative.

Chinkombero added that the aim is to raise MK3,750,000 which will enable the organisation to purchase 50 waste bins and distribute them to the said districts.

According to Chinkombero, the campaign has so far raised MK644, 000 cash and two waste bins.

He further said that the three districts are facing poor waste disposal problem as they don’t have adequate materials that they can use to promote proper waste disposal and management.

“For instance, Dowa and Ntchisi districts do not have official dumping sites, and many trading centres do not have waste bins,” he explained.

He went on to say that the bins will be allocated in market places in order to reduce public littering.

Chinkombero then appealed to individuals and institutions to donate towards the initiative to help the government in implementing National Clean Up Day Initiative successfully.