Namadingo drops Zulu song

By Michael chiotcha

Musician Patience Namadingo  has released his first song for a project targeting fans from the Southern African region.

Namadingo has released ‘Osazofika’ a Zulu song..

The artist announced earlier that he will release several songs in different languages from the SADC region.

The countries include South Africa (Zulu), Mozambique, Angola and Namibia (Portuguese), Zimbabwe (Shona), Botswana (Tswana) and Malawi (chewa).

The Namartists Malawi team has worked hard in Malawi to produce the audios.

Osazofika seems to resonate with many who feel that the artist can have a breakthrough in SADC region and the song is currently trending in many platforms.

The start of the beat the song is hyped and the artist is able to maintain his rhymes and energy throughout.

The song is catchy, and flow smoothly, and despite the language one can follow easily through the visual.

One of the fans, Greshiam Nyasulu, says he is impressed with the song despite the language.

Nyasulu said the artist is really talented and he has proven it in this song and before.

“If we can support Nigerians, Tanzanians and many Foreign artist, without understand their lyrics, we also owe Namadingo the same support we render others,” Nyasulu said.