Parents urged to stop sending children to sell goods at night


Written by: Emmanuel Moyo

Authorities in Karonga district have warned parents that they will be arrested if found sending children to markets to sell goods at night.

The warning comes at a time when some children are still seen going around Karonga market selling goods even during late hours.

Many children who sell goods in town claim their parents and guardians send them to do the business.

In an interview, Karonga district labour officer Peck Chawinga urged the parents and guardians to desist from the harmful practice saying it is very bad to children and the nation.

“Sending children to do business at night is against the constitution, it is not on and it is not good to do so,” said Chawinga.

The labour officer added that the practice is also a hindrance to the development of the country.

He said: “Malawi will lose productivity because in these children there is potential that they will be responsible to develop the country if they attain education today.

“If these children do not go to school, they will they will not be able to develop the nation.”

In a separate interview, public relations officer for Karonga police station Enock Livasoni echoed Chawinga, saying sending children to sell goods at night is an offence.

“Sending children to do business is an offence, once found, parents or guardians of those children will be arrested,” he said.