Vieson Saga: Thawani, Ngwira grab each other by the horns


…Change of ownership was between me and the mwenyes and not you, says Ngwira

The Vieson Thawani and Kondwani Ngwira social media fight has turned into a legal battle as the self-proclaimed motivational speaker has opened a criminal case and has also sued Ngwira who accuses Thawani of flaunting his cars on social media.

Following Ngwira’s demand for Thawani to stop using his Range Rover on social media, Thawani said this morning that he has sued Ngwira.

Ngwira’s blue book and in first picture: Thawani next to the Range Rover

According to Thawani, the Range Rover registration no. SA 3240 used to be his and he sold it to Ngwira in February 2021 after “it outlived its usefulness” to him.

“I personally oriented this individual on how to operate the gear box of a Range Rover as he was and is still a newbie in driving a Range Rover,” said Thawani.

He added that the picture of a blue book which Ngwira shared was deliberately cropped out to hide the date of first registration of the vehicle and the date Ngwira took ownership of the vehicle.

According to Thawani, the picture where he stood next to the Range Rover and is now circulating on social media was first posted on his Facebook page in September 2020.

“At law, this individual does not own proprietary rights over pictures I took with any of my cars in the past including this Range Rover,” he said.

Thawani then challenged Ngwira to present evidence that the more than 10 vehicles in his (Thawani’s) ownership belong to him (Ngwira) or other people.

“With the above in mind, a reasonable person can only have one conclusion; that this individual Kondwani Kachamba Ngwira, made the said allegations on social media with one single intent; to defame, harm, injure and assassinate my person, character, family and business interests.

“I have therefore advised my lawyers to institute civil proceedings against him in the High Court of Malawi see Summons attached. I and my business associates have sued for the full extent of financial damages this individual has caused us to incur.

Thawani has dragged Ngwira to court

He further said that he has opened a criminal a case against Ngwira for cyber bullying which is now a criminal offence with a maximum imprisonment of 10 years under the Electronic Transactions and Cyber Security Act of 2016.

But Ngwira in a now deleted post also spit fire, challenging Thawani to serve him with official summons.

He added that he will expose Thawani and will teach him how to humble himself.

“My message is clear, stop posting my car on your page. Change of ownership was between me and the Indian brother, not you,” said Ngwira.

He later posted an apology for losing his temper and said the matter will now be dealt with by his lawyers.

According to Ngwira, he tried to discuss the issue politely with Thawani but the self-proclaimed motivational speaker blocked him.

“To my Brother Thawani, I apologise for all this. I never wanted the cat to go public. However, should you feel to seek Justice in the court of law, I will be there,” said Ngwira.