Voters press for development in Karonga


Voters in Karonga have demanded  politicians to walk the talk by implementing the promises which they make make during expensive campaigns.

Zuma Mwalughali of Malema 2 villages says voters are not interested in voting due to too many unfulfilled promises which politicians make during campaign but fail to implement once elected.

“The irony part of it is that these politicians bring during campaign leave a lot to be desired. Karonga Northwest is the hub of the district and if anything was supposed to boast various developments befitting its lakeshore and border district status that include good road infrastructure,” he said.

Women at a makeshift under five clinic which operates under the tree right at Karonga Boma-
Above: Nkhata Pictures by Jordan Simeon-Phiri

Another voter, Lumbani Kamanga from Mwafilaso village lamented how women in the district struggle to get potable water, saying most people drink from unprotected sources yet the lake is at stone’s away distance.

“Women are finding life tough. We want developments such as water, health centres that will curb maternal deaths due to long distances that women cover to access both antenatal and postnatal services,” she said.

A renowned Blantyre based political commentator Sheriff Kayisi shares similar concerns, saying issues to do with elections dwell much on contractual agreement between voters and those aspiring for positions which need to be fulfilled at all cost.

“The voters have genuine concerns. The relationship between voters and candidates should not end after voting. It has to be sustained through implementation of social amenities because it is the constitutional right of every voter to access development from government’s LDF, CDF and DDF through elected leaders,” he said.

Karonga Diocese Desk Officer Louis Nkhata whose institutions is instrumental in facilitating and initiating various social development in the district echoes similar views, saying voters deserve the best out of elected leaders to inspire them.

He narrated: “The question would be where these political parties get money for expensive campaigns from. Then we should come to issues of who is responsible for development after the campaign. Candidates are just vehicles to carry government development for the air constituents through development funds.

“What is needed is just for those elected leaders to rise above partisan politics to bring tangible developments to restore peoples’ hope.

Voters are inspired by developments that elected leaders bring to their constituents. And if these politicians just make noise without giving voters potable water, roads, school blocks and reachable health services, they (voters) have genuine reasons to brand politicians as liars”.