Magufuli’s leadership shall forever move African presidents out of complacency – Chakwera


President Lazarus Chakwera has described Tanzania’s late president John Pombe Magufuli as a hero whose leadership will always inspire those entrusted with governing nations on the African continent.

Speaking during Magufuli’s funeral today in Tanzania’s capital Dodoma, Chakwera in his speech also said Magufuli’s love of country shall forever be a light to people going through this world as Africans.

“It is right for us to hold him in this regard. John Pombe Magufuli was not just an icon. He was a hero. May his name be preserved in every Capital of Africa as a symbol of the kind of resolve that will create the Africa we want.

“May his work be venerated in every village as an example worthy of our imitation,” said Chakwera.

Magufuli died of heart disease on March 17. His death was announced after he was not seen in public for about two weeks.

Chakwera noted in his speech that no one saw the death of one of Africa’s finest sons coming. He described this ability, which he said people find unsettling in Magufuli’s death, as something inspiring about Magufuli’s life.

“When they said laziness and sloth in public service cannot be cured, they did not see Magufuli coming.

“When they said the cartels of corruption strangling Africa’s governments cannot be defeated, they did not see Magufuli coming.

“When they said African States cannot become middle-income economies within a single presidential term, they did not see Magufuli coming,” said Chakwera.

He also hailed Magufuli for implementing infrastructural projects which were completed on time and on budget and for showing that Africa should not always depend on foreigners for solutions.

“When they said the only way to pursue our development is to follow the failed prescriptions of foreign financial institutions that have left Africa more impoverished and in debt than they found it, they did not see Magufuli coming,” said Chakwera.