UDF starts developing five-year strategic plan


United Democratic Front (UDF) has started formulating its first ever strategic plan which party president Atupele Muluzi says will assist the party become a better organized, functioning and institutionalized political party.

Speaking at the launch of the strategic plan workshop in Lilongwe on March 18,  Muluzi said a strategic plan is a valuable tool that could enable the UDF better achieve its goals and complexities.

Participants during the meeting on Thursday

“This process presents an approach to dealing with challenges and making the most out of the emerging opportunities. This process will therefore allow the party to develop and determine a roadmap that will assist to become a better organized, functioning and institutionalized political party that plays an instrumental role in the deepening of democracy and the development of our country.

“The process of developing strategic plan, as I understand has been designed to ensure it is as inclusive, participatory and consultative as possible to ensure that there is ownership in the outcomes. This is an opportunity for you to contribute to shaping the future of the UDF. I would therefore encourage you all to be as frank and as constructive as you can,” said Muluzi.

He added that UDF is the party that ushered in democratic change and it needs to once again focus on the ideals on which the party was founded which includes democracy, development, peace and unity.

“We are a diverse nation, that diversity has in the past been seen as a key part in our nation. A key principle of development is not to leave anyone behind to do that effectively in Malawi means ensuring that we have representation and engagement with every corner of our beautiful land. We all have to be committed to the changes together.

“As we work together on these issues as a party and as a country, the benefits will become very apparent for everyone regardless where you are. However, we must all make change happen, it will not happen if we sit idle on our hands and hope someone else will do it for us. I therefore look forward to hearing your plans and arrangements for our party,” said Muluzi.

The development of the strategic plan has been supported by Democracy Works Foundation.