Public panel wants ombudsman Chizuma to head ACB


A public panel on the social media has proposed that the Judicial Service Committee should hire ombudsman Martha Chizuma as director for the Anti-corruption bureau, given her impressive track record.

Chizuma who was crowned, recently, as a woman of the year, is praised by the public panel as someone who is competent in discharging her duties without fear or favor.

According to comments monitored on a Facebook forum where issues of national interests are digested, all commentators are of the view that Malawi would finally live its dream of zero tolerance to corruption once Chizuma takes charge of the bureau.

“That iron lady deserves that post than any other,” remarked Joel Mvula, a social media commentator.

The comments followed revelations that out of the 35 people who applied for the post, only ten, including Chizuma have been shortlisted for interviews slated for later this month.

“Well, all the ten are good, with remarkable records. But, Chizuma is, to me, the best. She deserves the flowers,” chipped in Omega Soko, another commentator.

Chizuma, the first woman ombudsman in Malawi has, according to her supporters, has demonstrated patriotism and outlandish bravadoes than any of her predecessors.

“It’s not easy to bite the finger that feeds. This woman is an alien. She’s an iron lady. I go for her,” said Zikani Chirwa in the forum.

Meanwhile, Chizuma, who also chairs human rights commission is slated to face the panel of judges including, as reports indicate, the immediate retired director of the bureau, Reyneck Matemba, the solicitor general.