Musician Matumbi embarks on initiative to fix potholes


After noticing that authorities are failing to repair potholes on roads in Lilongwe city, musician Anne Matumbi has decided to take the matter in his own hands.

Matumbi, real name Chiyanjano Muheziwa, has embarked on an initiative to fix potholes on various roads in Malawi’s Capital City.

The musician posted on Facebook earlier today about his plans to fill the potholes.

“As a dedicated citizen I just have to do this, tikadikira ma authorities siigwira, ulendo okakwirira ma potholes pa Area 49 Gulliver. (Nothing will get done if we wait for authorities. I am on my way to repair potholes at Area 49) From there area 23 and new Malangalanga road,” he said.

He later asked his followers to join him tomorrow for a similar initiative.

Citizens in Lilongwe have been calling on Lilongwe City Council and Roads Authority to rehabilitate the roads in Lilongwe town and in various townships as most of the roads are in bad shape.

Last month, the Lilongwe City Council told the local media that some of the roads would be rehabilitated during the next financial year.

Meanwhile, Malawians have commended Matumbi for his initiative, saying he has set a good precedent and has shown patriotism.

“Thumbs up Nyakwawa. Leaders lead by example,” said Che Muphuwa Mussa on Matumbi’s post.