Leadstar Media is Launching My Betting Sites in South Africa

The internet age has touched every aspect of our lives. It has not just improved access to information and enhanced our ability to communicate with one another. In some cases, it has led us to re-evaluate some fundamental attitudes and mindsets.

The online gambling phenomenon is a case in point. Over in the USA, the legalization of betting on sports and casino games is progressing rapidly from state to state, as puritanical views are replaced by a more relaxed attitude to betting, like that seen in the UK. The same can be seen in the rest of the world, particularly in Africa, and Swedish lead generation company Leadstar Media finds itself at the forefront of that change.

Education and guidance

Leadstar might not be a household name, but its My Betting Sites product is becoming familiar in a growing number of countries. My Betting Sites is a portal that provides reviews of online casinos to those who are most in need of guidance. The online betting market is immense, and it is also highly competitive. First-time online gamblers are presented with a wide array of choices, most of which are offering seemingly unmissable bonuses and promotions.

The My Betting Site platform provides impartial guidance, comparing the different offerings that are out there and helping gamers to make an informed choice. However, there is more to Leadstar’s business model than simply comparing 100 free spins here with a $20 no-deposit bonus there and generating affiliate leads. In a market where rules and legislation are typically opaque, the platform is building a reputation as the trustworthy expert in its field, offering guidance to gamers on how to enjoy placing a wager while staying on the right side of the law.

Exploring new markets

My Betting Sites has made it it’s business to become an expert in monitoring, interpreting and communicating the changing regulatory landscapes that surround the gambling industry in different jurisdictions. This has also placed it in a perfect position to penetrate new markets, as demonstrated by its latest foray into South Africa.

The platform started life in late 2019, operating in the gambling heartlands of the UK and Canada. It first established an African presence in Kenya, and it commenced operations in Nigeria shortly thereafter. By the end of 2020, there were distinct My Betting Site operations in seven countries, with a reach stretching as far as New Zealand, Australia and India. Each has its own distinct management and operations team, but all operate under the My Betting Sites banner. The new South African site brings the total to eight.

Oscar Carlsson is Leadstar’s Stockholm-based COO. He explained that by appointing a dedicated project manager to each country, different areas of the site can have their own distinct tone and identity. He said that expanding the brand into new territories as opposed to commencing new projects from scratch “just makes sense.”

Gambling in South Africa

The South African market is arguably the biggest challenge yet for Leadstar, although it is also one that could yield handsome rewards in the months and years ahead. For centuries, gambling of any description was illegal in the country, but all that this led to was a huge underground gambling economy. Indeed, 25 years ago, there were an estimated 2,000 illegal casinos operating in South Africa.

In 1996, South Africa’s National Gambling Act introduced the concept of licensed casinos as well as a national lottery, bringing gambling into the daylight. The Act has been updated several times since then, but despite the best efforts of lawmakers, the online age has once again muddied the waters. Online sports betting is permitted, provided it is through a bookmaker that is appropriately licensed. Casino gaming, on the other hand, is still restricted to brick-and-mortar licensed casinos and is not permitted in cyberspace.

Inevitably, this has led to a situation seen the world over, where those wishing to place a bet look to offshore providers, while the legislative authorities take a King Canute stance in attempting to legislate against them. It is a situation that cannot be expected to continue indefinitely, and further regulatory reform is inevitable. When it comes, Leadstar’s My Betting Sites has positioned itself in the perfect spot to be the go-to resource for South Africa’s gambling community.