OG Issa: MP who failed in Chiradzulu dares to stand in Zomba

Former Parliamentarian Mahomed Hanif Osman aka OG Issa who failed in Chiradzulu is now standing in Zomba.

Osman is contesting as an independent candidate in Zomba Changalume where Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) will hold by-election on March 30.

He will face contenders from UTM, Democratic Progressive Party and United Democratic Front as well as People’s Party (PP) candidate Lawrence Bisika who is also being backed by the ruling Malawi Congress Party.

In Chiradzulu, Osman was legislator for Chiradzulu Central Constituency from 2014 to 2019. He lost his seat in the 2019 Tripartite Elections as voters rejected him due to his failure fulfill promises.

His former constituents have since urged voters in Zomba Changalume not to make the same mistake they made.

“Tell your relatives out there not to vote for him, we were suffering in Chiradzulu because of him,” said one person on social media.

“There is nothing he achieved in our constituency in his time as legislator. Please, people in Zomba do not be deceived, he will waste your time,” another chipped in.

Zomba Changalume parliamentary seat became vacant after the death of John Chikalimba who was also leader for PP in the National Assembly.