Police officer Manda release single about repentance


Dedza based police officer Cassim Manda has broken an-eight-year silence in the music industry by releasing a single about repentance.

Manda who trade in the music cycles as Soldier Dr. Cassim Manda Mkombozi has titled his track “Levitiko 26.”

In ‘Levitiko 26’ he describes the current global pandemics as the result of mankind’s failure to live by   God’s covenant.

He said the pandemics being experienced today have come about because people are not living in accordance with God’s laws and commandments.

“On Leviticus 26 verse 3, God promise us that if we obey him, he will send us rain at the right time and we will be victorious over the enemies,” said Manda.

He advised that in these times when Coronavirus is still causing problems people must repent, and return to almighty creator, who has capacity of wiping all global pandemics.”

He noted: “It is sad that today people go to prayer houses as a matter of hoodwinking others as if they are prayerful.”

In one of the stanzas, Manda sings: “Miliri tikuona ingathe, kulapa kuthawira kwa iye, corona/Aids  nchiyaninso” (all plagues we are experiencing now can be wiped away if people repent. Corona, Aids pandemics are nothing in sight of God).

In another stanza, he cites Israelites who crossed the Red Sea on dry ground as an indicator that God cannot fail to heal his people.

Manda mentions the story of King Asa who was crippled by a severe foot disease but even then he did not turn to the creator for help but to magicians. Two years later, Asa died unlike Hezekiah who asked God and was healed.

He said his song is based on Leviticus 26 verse 15 in which God warns that he will punish his people if they break his laws and commandments by bringing disaster such as incurable diseases that will come with fevers that will also cause the life to waste away.

Manda who works Dedza police deputy public relations officer is multitalented police officer who also write scripts for radio and TV drama.  He was so popular in central east districts of Malawi famed for the song Mulungu ndi Mulungu.