“Lulu stuck in 2004”, fans react to TiiwPY


When icons like Lionel Messi, Christiano Ronaldo, Lebron James, Morgan Freeman and Tiger Woods among others go off-key in their respective disciplines, part of the world jeers.

Such is the case with Malawi`s RNB goliath Lulu who is facing heavy criticism from some of his fans for `goofing` in his latest song under the title “Take it I will pick you.”

Some of his fans have said the latest song sounds like an ancient tune. Furthermore, they claim it befits an audio that was recorded using a phone, a less advanced phone for that matter.

The audience believes the singer was not in the mood to produce the song because it sounds amateurish, save for lyrics and vocals therein.

“I know that Lulu is a great musician and I always expect a lot from him but on this song, the production is way below par,” Said Joseph Maya

His other fan Paul Kamuyambeni has said the singer has taken a major step backwards instead of moving forward.

“Lulu thinks we are still in 2004. How on earth can he stoop so low to produce a song in such a poor quality.”

Take it I will pick you was released last night. It is built around the theme of love.