Don’t stop practising Covid preventive measures – Health Minister


Minister of Health Khumbize Kandodo Chiponda says the decline in Coronavirus positivity rate and confirmed cases should not lead to relaxation of prevention measures.

Kandodo who is also co-chairperson of the presidential taskforce on Coronavirus said this on Saturday.

She noted data indicates a downward trend in the positivity rate and a decline in the number of confirmed cases and admissions which is giving hope to the fight against the COVID-19.

She, however, added that even though daily cases have declined, the numbers being registered are still high which means there is still community transmission of the disease in our midst.

“Let me emphasize that the low figures being reported should not make us to relax and stop the practicing the preventive and containment measures. In this state where we are experiencing community transmission of the disease, to reduce the new infections there is need to identify and isolate those that have the disease, bring them to care, and the primary contacts of the confirmed cases should be tested and appropriate advice should be given and should be strictly followed.

“In order to prevent contracting the disease there is need for continued practicing of preventive measures wholesomely by everyone of us. enhanced preventive and containment measures that,” he said.

On Saturday, Malawi registered 123 new COVID-19 cases, 241 new recoveries, four new deaths. The new cases were recorded from 1,888 Covid-19 tests translating to a positivity rate of 6.5

Cumulatively, Malawi has recorded 31,798 cases including 1,041 deaths and 18,424 recoveries.