MCP to support PP in Zomba by-elections


Malawi Congress Party (MCP) has announced that it will not field a candidate in Zomba Changalume constituency, saying the constituency belongs to the People’s Party (PP).

Secretary General for MCP, Eisenhower Mkaka has confirmed the development.

“The constituency belonged to PP and we are in partnership with PP therefore it is only right and proper in respecting the departed soul that we let PP feature a candidate there,” said Mkaka.

Mkaka declined to comment on what is being alleged on various social media platforms that MCP will not field a candidate in the area because the area is not the party’s stronghold and it will likely to lose if it decides to feature a candidate there.

Commenting on the development, PP candidate for the respective constituency, Lawrence Bisika said this demonstrates the unity in Tonse Alliance.

“In the spirit of political fairness and solidarity that gesture speaks volumes of what the Tonse philosophy is all about,” said Bisika.

However, political analyst George Phiri said maturity of politicians in terms of alliances is not yet there as MCP has shown bias towards one member of the Tonse Alliance.

“It was necessary for them (MCP) to remain quite if they are not fielding a candidate and allow the alliance members to compete effectively and have equal footing on the ground. Being biased towards one partner may be a cause for breakouts,” said Phiri.

He added that if this continues it may predict cracks and the alliance may not be there in the next elections. He further said it will also affect the future progress of the parties as this shows biasness in managing their political affairs.

Zomba Changalume parliamentary seat became vacant after the death of John Chikalimba who was also leader for PP in the National Assembly.