ACB urges Journalists to help fight corruption

Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) has urged journalists to help the bureau in the fight against corruption in the country.

The call was made on Friday by Egrita Ndala during a one-day training in Rumphi for about 20 members of Nyika Media Club.

Ndala commended the media for the good job they are doing by reporting and writing about corruption in the country.

She, however, urged the media to be cautious when writing about issues that are being probed by the ACB.

“We know we cannot reach out to the public without the involvement of Media. But we are just cautioning to say when it’s a matter that is being investigated they need to report with caution knowing that the perpetrators may also be alerted by their reporting so media should be responsible enough so as not to cause unnecessary jeopardy to the investigation process.”

She added that prevention of corruption is an important remedy in as far as dealing with corruption is concerned.

Ndala noted that the Corrupt Practices Act states that the ACB’s first role is to prevent corruption from taking place.

“The resources that are disbursed in public institutions would actually be used for intended purpose [when there is no corruption] and members of the public being ultimate beneficiaries. That is why we are saying people should not only come to the bureau when people have committed offenses, they also need to be the catalyst of prevention of corruption within the institutions,” said Ndala.

In his remarks, Nyika Media club Chairperson Joseph Mwale said the training was important because it oriented them through the way ACB works and what is corruption and how to identify corruption and things that are critical in as far as work of journalist is concerned.

“My advice is let’s help government to root out corruption. Corruption may not end today but our work may help in a long way,” said Mwale.