Farmers to hold anti-govt demos: ADMARC yet to pay them


Some farmers in the country have hinted of staging massive anti-government demonstrations over failure by the Agriculture Development and Marketing Corporation (ADMARC) to pay them in time.

According to the farmers, ADMARC just got their produce some months ago on promises that it would square their bills the same weeks.

“Till now, they’re yet to give us the money. We are failing to earn a living as we sorely depend on agriculture. This is unfair,” lamented Lamsy Chinoko, chairperson of concerned farmers in the Northern Region.

“We’ve tried to follow up on the issue with them, but they’re giving us misty promises. We’re tired of waiting. We’re soon taking to streets.”

Of late, the marketing corporation has been failing to execute its services efficiently due to innumerable hitches dogging it.

Impeccable sources at the corporation disclosed that the delay in paying the farmers has resulted from poor funding.

“The corporation is running on shoestring budget. It is struggling to work efficiently. There’s no money to give to farmers at once,” said the source.

This reporter understands that some farmers were given only 10% of their total earnings and were told to wait for the remainder.

Though there was no immediate response from the farmers union of Malawi (FUM) on the issue, authorities are on record, lamenting government for failing to fund ADMARC adequately.

Recently, minister of agriculture, Lobin Lowe, assured the farmers that government is working around the clock to make sure they’re given their money the soonest.

Authorities at ADMARC could not be reached for comment on the matter.