Malawian seeks votes in Miss Jetset contest


United States of America based Malawian Chiku Nkosi is in the race for Miss Jetset honour and has urged people to vote for her.

Nkosi, a nurse who serves in the labour, delivery unit and neo-natal intensive care unit as a unit secretary, says she joined the contest to save lives.

According to the 33-year-old, she felt compelled to join the contest to help her country upon noticing that oxygen is scarce resource, especially amidst the pandemic.

“I will donate half of the prize money to hospitals in Malawi to pay for oxygen and accessories, which is a very scarce commodity especially this time that we are battling Covid,” she said.

The Malawian lady stands a chance to claim $25, 000 (over K20 million). Meanwhile, she is in the top four of the contest and her fate lies in the hands of voters. Therefore, she urges all Malawians to vote in numbers for her to emerge triumphant.

Voting has been categorised into two; paying and free. Chiku said, “We have free voting and paying I am urging Malawians to use free voting in numbers so that I can stand more chances of winning.”

Semi-Finals will come to a conclusion on 18th February 2021. This means, Malawians have hours to save their daughter on her road to save lives. People can share a voting link on Facebook and Twitter.

Jetset Magazine is an American lifestyle magazine. It targets those with an audience with an affluent lifestyle. The magazine is distributed in private jets, exclusive resorts and events around the world among others.