Give us our risk allowances or else no classes, teachers spit fire


Teachers have demanded Covid-19 risk allowances, saying they will hold a sit-in when schools reopen next week if there are no allowances.

The Presidential Taskforce on Coronavirus announced yesterday that schools will reopen on Monday following a five week break which was induced by a rise in Coronavirus cases in the country.

According to Government, K5 billion will be given to the Ministry of Education schools’ response against the pandemic.

Commenting on the Ministry of Education’s post on the issue, teachers have demanded risk allowances for them to go back to work.

“1. Risk allowances 2. Our MWK15000 otherwise from Monday sit in basi,” said Hanif Maloya.

Zinenani Chombo said: “[Minister of Education] Agnes Nyalonje must resign!! Where are our allowances up to now!!!!

While Kumbukani Kalua said: “Hopefully one of the announcement expected from the ministry will cover risk allowances.”

Teachers have been demanding risk allowances since September last year when schools were re-opened after a six-month break.

The teachers have also been asking government to disinfect schools and provide schools with personal prevention equipment such as masks and buckets.