Forget about Namadingo, Piksy is the Best!


Piksy has been described as the best artist in Malawi, beating several other musicians such as Namadingo who is arguably the obvious candidate for the crown.

Piksy has been considered Malawi’s Afro sound king and is a multi-UMP award winning artist but is he really better than Patience Namadingo?

Namadingo has risen above Malawi and has managed to capture the hearts of surrounding countries including Zambia. He has done some collaborations with Zambian artists such as Zayise. He also has over 2 million views on hit song ‘Mapulani’ on YouTube. Not to mention countless awards in Malawi.

Regardless of all these facts, Twitter user and rapper, Achina Gattah Ase still says Piksy is the best artist in Malawi. This caught the attention of Piksy himself who replied by saying, “humbled bro”. Suffix joined the conversation disagreeing and responded to Piksy saying “akukunamiza uyu aise iya”.

Of course this was only the opinion of a small local artist. What more would you expect from Achina Gattah Ase who considers himself the best vernacular artist, better than Joseph Nkasa, Gwamba or Joe Gwaladi?