Erotic Dancer on Grin’s Fire Friday!


Week after week Limbani Kalilani’s (Tay Grin)  new Instagram live show, Grin’s fire Friday, continues to astound Malawians with its new dancer entries. They are becoming more erotic than the last! last friday night, the Nyau king’s live featured a young lady dressed in string lingerie. Due to the explicit nature of the images, they will not be added.

The young lady goes by the name of  Black Leisure and Tay Grin thought fit to ask why she was did not call herself black pleasure instead. Probably because he was aroused by the revealing clothing she had on. She proceeded to perform the most shocking and sexual dance moves on the live. She even spilt a drink on her backside for more appeal.

The rules of the sponsored show state that part of the prize money goes towards combating Covid-19. Whoever gets the most votes from the viewers wins the remaining prize money. It is true and clear that people will do anything for the money.

It is becoming rather questionable as to whether these contestants actually want to win or just want to put on a show for the multi award winning artist. Whatever the reason may be, the live show is keeping the youth safe at home and entertained. The nature of the live leaves them looking forward to the free show every Friday night.