Organisation donates medical equipment to Bwaila Hospital


In an effort to strengthen the fight against COVID -19 pandemic in the country, an organization called An-Nasihah Trust yesterday donated medical supplies and protective equipment worth six million Kwacha to Bwaila Hospital in Malawi’s capital, Lilongwe.

The donated equipment includes oxygen concentrators, blood pressure machines, oximeters, PPE suits, gloves, N95 masks, liquid soaps, hand sanitizers and boots.

The founder of the organization Maulana Mohamed Choonara told Malawi24 that the organization decided to make the donation following the second wave of COVID-19 pandemic.

“We donated as it is really needed during this COVID-19 time. We felt as the second wave hit Malawi, our frontline workers are the most vulnerable, therefore donating protective equipment for them. They also needed Oxygen Concentrators we managed to get 2 for them,” Choonara told Malawi24.

He said this is not the first donation and they are looking forward to do a number of donation during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We have carried out a few donations. We run a School for the poor and Destitute Children in Mpingu, Lilongwe. We gave out soaps, sanitizers, shields, masks, thermometers to the Teachers Development Centre (TDC) In Mpingu and 12 surrounding Schools in Mpingu Zone. We wish to help out smaller hospitals and clinics too with PPE equipment in the central region of Malawi,” he said.

An-Nasihah Trust aims to help the less fortunate and needy community in Malawi through various projects.

The non-profit making organisation focuses on serving the less fortunate with education both secular and Islamic, and assist them with primary health care, education facilities and learning centres.

The organisation is geared to address poverty, health and education in rural areas of Malawi by distributing various relief items, granting bursaries for further education, building mosques and madrassah and making sure that they have access to water by digging wells or boreholes for them.


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