Mzuni Alumni in tree planting exercise


Mzuzu University alumni on Saturday planted 1200 trees at the university campus.

According to north chairperson of the Alumni, Emmanuel Mwase, the group wants to replace trees which were felled at the campus.

“This exercise will help to bring back the natural green that was in the campus since trees that were here were harvested. On taking care of these trees, we agreed that everyone should take care of his or her tree once we come across the campus.,” said Mwase.

A member of the alumni grouping planting trees

He then expressed gratitude to members of the grouping for coming out in large numbers.

“Let’s all join hands across the country to plant more trees where there is need to do so,” said Mwase.

1200 trees were planted around the Mzuzu University campus and Northern Region Alumni members contributed money to buy the seedlings.