Malawi to have digital market, insurance platform


One of Africa’s business tycoons is this year set to launch a digital platform for online shopping and a platform that will connect insurance brokers with clients in Malawi.

Announcing the development was Angolan businessperson, Ivan Morais who is founder and Chief Executive Officer of Crijaza a platform that is well known for providing African solutions to African problems.

According to Morais, Africa has a product information problem as no one knows who produces what, where or when and sometimes they don’t even know who is going to buy their merchandize.

He this publication that following this product information gap, most of the times African countries end up to importing goods from Europe because there is no idea of what neighbouring African countries are selling, hence his idea to introduce digital market.

Morais said to fill out this gap, he thought of creating these two platforms; Meumerkado, a Portuguese name which means ‘my market’ a digital platform for online- shopping and SimplesMila a site that connects insurance brokers with clients.

He says Meumerkado gives the seller access to the market, something that in Africa is very hard to have and it also gives buyers direct access to sellers and saves them time and money.

The marketer has since announced that he is launching these two platforms in Malawi by September this year a thing which he said will enable Malawian businesspersons to share their businesses with people from all over the world.

“For Malawi we are not only looking forward to seeing the rising of the sun in the waters of the river but we want to be a distribution channel to Malawi people and make other countries import products from Malawi instead of importing from Europe or other continents.

“For exemple: Malawi is known for being strong in agriculture and Angola is known for not having enough agriculture products, so in this case we are connecting Malawi sellers and other African buyers in the same platform,” said Marais.

Morais said he wants to help Africans realise that digital transformation is a must for a business to survive especially now when most countries has restricted movements due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

He added that for Simplesmila, insurance Brokers are connected with clients online where they can put their personal details and request a real time insurance quotation and brokers then bid for customers with competitive prices and conditions cutting down their expensive overheads.